Slide We are buying damaged, cracked or
destroyed LCD screens.
Are you interested in turning your LCDs into cash and
be able to get the best possible price?
We are a company located in Denmark.
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How LCD repurchase works

Get paid in 4 easy steps:

Free delivery

Submit your LCD Buyback order online and print your free shipping label!

Send us your package

Pack your LCD screens and send to us for LCD repurchase!

We're testing

Allow 48-72 hours for treatment. We will share the final results with you.

Get paid

LCD Buyback Helps You Make Cash! Payment methods include: Cash, PayPal, bank transfer

Think globally

Environmentally friendly alternative.

Get paid to save the environment! Instead of going to landfill, all of our waste collection LCDs are being refurbished and resold as aftermarket.

Eco Recycle

Using this solution, we use the functional components of your LCD, with value to produce new consumer electronics.


Taking care of the earth so that it is not harmed by the way we live. That is, about creating the best possible conditions for people and the environment – both now and in the future.

green factory

For us, your used electronics are valuable – that’s why we are happy to pay you money for it. In this way, we can avoid electronics ending up as unnecessary waste. All this to make our planet happy!


DKK has been paid to our customers through our LCD BuyBack program


KG LCD screens Processed through our LCD recycling program!


+ Satisfied customers! Proudly serves several customers abroad.

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